Art & the Artist


Experiment, Express, Encore!

There is a sense of joy and fulfilment in creating something new every day! This feeling drives me to paint and to create something each day:)) I am a self- taught multimedia artist. Mother nature has been my biggest inspiration. I mostly work with acrylics but I enjoy experimenting with mixed media as it lets me be more expressive with my creations. Stone painting is my most favourite surface to work on. Seeing my rocks come to life fills me with lot of joy & excitement. Hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating them:) Mrinalini

Do you have something on your mind? My paint brushes are all ears!

Please contact me for any custom art work so that you have one in the world piece just for you!

Custom Pet Portraits on stones / Wildlife Painted stones

Get a custom pet portrait of your furry / feathery / scaly pet on stones- a forever gift for your forever pal. Love Tigers? Seals? Lemurs? Owls? You name it & I can paint it! Simply email me your requirements. I study all the animals closely before painting them. Each of my stone is painted with love & passion. Each one is a unique art collectible.

Wall Art & Decor

Looking for something 2D, custom made wall art is always a go to! Choose from my range of artworks or drop an email for your commissioned artwork.

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